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When you immigrate you lose all the connections that you have built up over a lifetime. All your usual support systems like family and school friends are not there either. For this reason it is critical that New Zealand immigrants, like you and me, start to connect with others that are also immigrating to New Zealand as soon as possible into your process.

These new connections will not only become a starting point for you to start building up your connections again, but often these connections become life long friends.

It is great to be able to chat to, lean on the shoulders and also support those that are in a similar situation to yourself. Everybody on the site are New Zealand immigrants and in the same boat as you so don’t be shy. Come and say hello and become part of our support network.

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Connecting with South Africans in New Zealand

NEW ARRIVALS: We understand that starting a new life in New Zealand can be a little daunting. A group of ‘Oldies’ have started a New Arrivals ‘meet and greet’ to give ‘Newbies’ the opportunity of networking and to gain insight from their own immigration experiences. Advice and support are offered freely while joining them for a drink in a relaxed atmosphere. Please open the following page to see what we mean : NEW ARRIVALS

Having fun at the Takapuna market. Photograph by Sherelee Clarke.

Having fun at the Takapuna market. Photograph by Sherelee Clarke.

South African Social on the Shore: First Friday of the month at the RSA, 15 Bute Road, Browns Bay. Join us for reasonably priced dinner and a chat…. a great place to network with South Africans.
SANZ Golf: Last Sunday of the month: Contact Cedric Braby at
Christchurch SA Group: Contact Linda Klok at


It's Braai Time. Photograph by Sherelee Clarke.

It’s Braai Time. Photograph by Sherelee Clarke.

Staying Connected with your friends and family

During your immigration process you will be traveling more than you have in a long time, and not just to New Zealand, but also in South Africa to get all your documentation ready, as well as to say goodbye to everybody. To help you stay connected with all your friends, family and colleagues during the immigration process, and beyond, we have added a handy address book to your list of member only tools. You can use this address book to ensure you have all the contact information at your fingertips, no matter where you are in the world.

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Stay organised to keep your Immigration on track

There are so many things that you will need to take care of during the process. You will need to collect a multitude of documents, close more accounts than you thought you even had, ensure you visit your favourite places one last time, arrange for your goods to be transported, to name but a few. We have not only added checklists throughout the site to help you with the processes, but also added an indispensable Event Calendar that you can use to keep track of all the things that need to be done.
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Handy Tip
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