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Converting your drivers license

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Hi. Just thought I'd let you know how easy it is to convert your drivers license here.

We just walked in at the AA (thanks for the help Linda), fill in the form, pay the money, take your photo and give digital signature, go through for test. 10 minutes later.... kapow.. temp license... 1 week later... license in post box. (Valid for 10 years). O0

Thanks for the info Eileen, I was going to ask about it on the forum.

Is there a book you can buy to go over the rules etc. ?

I thought u had to rewrite?

what is the test that you say you have to go through? Is it just a little driving test or is it theory?

Here are some links that might help.

This one you can do as an actual test and see your results.



Thanks MJ.  I have just done a quick test and realise that I will most definitely have to do some studying before I write the real thing!!!



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