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I would like to add speach to the Learn NZ series so that when you click on a place name, the name is said. This will help get pronounciations correct and ease the settling in process. If you can help / know someone who can help with this, please get into contact with me. You would need a microphone connected to your computer. I have a link to a free voice recorder program that can be downloaded to do the recording.

Thank you

Nolan that is an excellent idea. Failing this how about someone who could spell out place names phonetically for us. This would also help a little. My  son got me started by telling me that Whangarei was pronounced fung -  a -  ray.

Grabbing the accent, my sister said all you have to do is speak with a perpetual smile.  Try it.  say Garage while smiling broadly and keeping your teeth more or less together  ... you'll get it!  ;)

Happy Expat:
He-he! I didn't even read this before??
I'm even more glad to be of service now!!! ;)

Hehehe Maybe I should try that  ;D Maybe Somebody will give me a job then


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