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Importing your hunting rifle

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Can't find my post where we talked about taking weapons accross. Nolan hope you will move it if need be...?

I have found some info to take our hunting rifles with. Beware of two points:
- you need to ensure the weapons are on the list of weapons “allowed” – rather send the make and model to the NZ police to double check they are happy with it.

 - and you will need you residence approved before applying? (I do not think you may apply for a visitors visa for your rifle but will have to check)

You will be needing an export permit from SA and an import permit from customs and police NZ:

For the export (this is the difficult part – I LOVE SA police stations):  :idiot2:

For the import it seems you take this form, your weapons and arrive at the airport with your passport? New Immigrants should leave all firearms in SA until you have gained permanent residency. When you can prove you have obtained permanent residency, you are allowed to apply for a Firearms Licence and a Permit to Import.  :)

I will update those interested as soon as I have started the process and felt the hurdles….. :smart:

BTW, MAF wanted to see what we had in our two safes, because some people try to smuggle in their guns.  Our safes just have our important papers in, and jewelry and coins.  :)

I am also packing the safe in. But will not try the smuggle thing. Worked way to hard to get PR without being thown out of the country for a stupid gun!  :o
I will leave it open thanks!

Still trying to get the rifles loaded....

Stuck in the typical catch 22 situation.

SAP say: you need a import permit to get an export permit.
NZP (nz police) say: you need no paperwork, except your SA licence, to bring your weapon and licence it here.

NZP will not give me a letter confirming I do NOT need a permit cause it is on the website for everyone to see.

SAP does not have internet access. :idiot2:

 :tickedoff: :uglystupid2: :crazy2:

Does anyone have a cool, understanding friend in the NZP? I need a letter to tell SAP how to do their job....

and if you take a printout from the NZP website to show the SAP?


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