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Tips for Job interviews in NZ.

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I was thinking about you guys all coming over for interviews, and Badprop's experiences...
Then I remembered something.... the way you do interviews in SA vs the rest of the world, is different.  Often in SA, you go into the interview with an underlying attitude of they are doing you a favour if they hire you.  But you need to change your attitude to selling yourself.
Think about it this way:

The company interviewing you, has a need.  YOU are the answer to their need.  Your skills and expertize is what they need to get ahead of their competition.  You have to exude confidence in yourself and your skills.  You are doing THEM the favour of offering your skills to them!  BUT, also check them out, and in the interview, show them you've done some research on the company themselves.  Tell them how you believe you'll fit into their company vision and be a profitable investment.  Because they are investing in you!  They want to know their investment is going to bring good returns and be beneficial to their company.

Another thing is hope and faith.  You have to have faith in getting that job while you're here for interviews.  Don't listen to the talk that says it's a rarity if you get a job in the first few weeks (even if it's true!).  The more you listen to that, and the more you speak that out, the more your ears hear, and your mind and heart believes what it hears.... Start speaking positively.  Start believing that you will get that job you want.  And I do believe you need to use more than one agent.  Some companies only USE one agent to advertise their jobs with!  So if you just happen to use only one agent, and he's not the one that a particular company uses, you may be missing an opportunity. 

Don't give up hope.  And even if you start feeling despondent as the days go by.  Keep talking positively to yourself (or to your spouse, if they're along, and to everybody else).  Tomorrow (or the next interview) might just be IT!

And another tip.  If there is any of the interviews that you've been to, that you really liked the company, and you're certain you will fit the job, and you haven't heard from them.  Give them a call.  Or give the agent a call, if you're working through one.  Let them know you have limited time, and if they don't get to doing a follow-up interview with you, that it would be great to still be here for it, and it would save THEM the money of having to phone you internationally.  ;)

Hope this helps!

Thanks zatexnz, that's a great post.  O0

I especially think the part about selling yourself is important, as you say, here in SA you feel the company interviewing you is doing you a favour. I noticed that myself when I went to the UK, I had to change my style in interviews and start selling myself.

great post, thanks Colleen and you are 100% correct. You have to prove to the company that you will be an asset to them. Most companies in NZ are small businesses so they don't have money to waste on unproductive / wrong employees. That is probably also why they take so long sometimes to make a decision - it costs them money if they get it wrong.

Thanks Colleen, great advice O0

Thanks for the great advise.....some of us have forgotten how to sell ourselves knowing that it is in vain, putting our best forward don't help as "they" normally have someone lined up for the job before the interview takes place....... :tickedoff:



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