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Applied for renewal for my daughters SA passports...still waiting 4 mnths later


My daughters needed new SA passports, so I applied in March. Hannah's prints were sent off too, as she is over 16.

In May I get a letter back with a new form to take her fingerprints again.
The policeman here in New Plymouth had taken palm prints at the bottom of the page, instead of the forefingers! :idiot2: :D
Turns out the same cop did the new prints, and must have realised he had made a mistake. Surely he has done these before?? :yippee:

I now need to apply for PR ( have one month left to apply), and the girls passports are nowhere in sight!! :'( >:(

Stressing no end!! :help: :sweat:

Advice would be very helpful please. :gl2: :hug:

The woman in Wellington never answers the phone, and sounds dissinterested.


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