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Hi there. new to this.
how do I pm someone???
What does it stand for?? Personal message?
Would like to get info on how to write a teachers CV, Paula wrote that she can be pm'd? How do I do this.
We are planning to leave in Sep and being a teacher I want to apply for jobs asap with correct CV.
Please help!!!

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Hi cheneen, there are different ways but I suppose the easiest one is to get on a post of the member and under their name on the left hand side there are funny icons, put your "mouse" over each one and see which one "show" "PM" and just click on it. Another way if I remember correctly is to go to "Member" on the top task bar and then go down the alphabet to their name and click on it and go into the profile and on the left hand side again I think it shows "personnel message" click on it again and voila, I think.....  ::) , can't remember to clearly, still a bit early on this side. My brain may not be functioning on a 100% yet....  :2funny: . Hope you come right. Cheers, SAKB.
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