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Dear friends,

There is a South African family currently in the USA, who had filed for asylum there, based on the fact that as a farmer in SA, they had a very real possibility of being persecuted/murdered if they returned.. 
For some reason their application for asylum was denied.  They tried to appeal it, and I'm not sure of the exact details, but due to some misinformation from their inefficient (understatement) lawyer in the USA, they became "out of status" (i.e. illegal). 
They have tried everything, and this week Monday, the husband was arrested and they have 30 days to get out of America.  They are trying to get into Canada and the Canadian lawyer who is trying to help them, needs to have sufficient proof that for this family to go back to SA, would basically mean suicide.  This is needed to help them get into Canada.  At this stage Canada is the most obvious next choice, as it is just "across the border", and this family would then be able to just rent a U-haul truck and take their stuff north by road.  I have already told them that their skills would be needed in NZ, but the costs of coming to NZ from the USA would be substantially more expensive.  As it is, getting out of jail will cost them quite a penny. 

I need some stats/information/website links that cover these reports [murders on farmers].
I know most of them are horribly graphic, so please don't post the links in the thread - just PM them to me.

Thank you.

PS. Personal stories count as well...please!
They carry more weight as some stats from somewhere.


You can try this link for now:



Some more:

Thus far, 1,591 farm dwellers have been killed in such armed attacks, people of all racial backgrounds who are being targeted by organised groups of young African men who often steal nothing at all. This violence is being described by a leading world expert on genocide, Dr Gregory Stanton of "Genocide Watch" in the US, as being in an advanced stage of genocide. Read his report on:

Thanks Jan!  I did also get some of those links by Googling.

I was just hoping that there might be some Boere here on the site, that have some personal experiences to share.  If you're willing to put name to it and allow it to be used in an immigration situation.

The latest news on this family I'm trying to help, is that the wife will be doing a conference call with a Canadian lawyer this afternoon at 5:30pm Eastern time (12:30am SA time). I have another SA friend in Canada who set this up for her, and is also sending their CV's to farmers she knows in Canada.  We're praying that CAnada can help them.  But should that fall through, I'm trying to prepare on this end to help them get here to NZ as a backup plan. 

Your prayers for this family are much appreciated.  They have three lovely daughters, 2 teens and one 8yr old.

will do Colleen

Tell them we say  :gl: and we will be praying for them


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