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Does anyone know how I can find out which areas are good to live in in Auckland... keeping in mind that I have made my living from rands so far... ???


General areas to live in are North Shore where most ex-South Africans live. North Shore is however more expensive than the rest of Auckland with the exception of the city centre.

Areas to avoid, it seems, are some suburbs south and west of Auckland, but not all.

A must have book if you are moving to Auckland is Where to Live In Auckland. It describes each suburb, gives a breakdown of the demographics, mean income, etc. Tell you what schools are in the area and how good they are, etc.

If you use Google Earth, go HERE to download Auckland's placemarks.

Go HERE to find out what housing costs to buy and rent throughout NZ.

Hope this helps

Happy Expat:
I need a "Where to live in Christchurch?" LOL!!
I need to know where the nice but cheap lifestyle area's are, because we're moving there soon and I'm looking into buying a small farm (1-2acres), but we don't know the area's yet? My hubby should get a job Already waiting to hear of one) in the city and he doesn't mind travelling a bit into work!

The "where to live" book is excellent, I am sure they will eventually do the same for the other large cities in NZ. It is always a problem when moving to a new town, it takes time to learn where to go and where to avoid. We will be renting for about two weeks to a month to give us time to tour Auckland before we decide where to stay.

We just have the problem of we will need to set our businesses up very quickly otherwise we have no income coming in and that eats into your measly rands very quickly.

We would ideally like to live in a more secluded area, but it still has to be close enough for our customers to drive to us, a tall ask, so we will probably end up in town again  :'(

Happy Expat:
What sort of business do you have? Maybe I could suggest some area's for you to look at? There are a lot of little places that are literally minutes to the city, but most are expensive? i think if you advertise well, people will be happy to drive a little to get to you?


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