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Author Topic: Budget 2007  (Read 1171 times)

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Budget 2007
« on: February 21, 2007, 09:52:40 pm »
If you missed the budget today, read the full speach HERE.

As with most years, I think the budget set by Trevor is realistic and fair. He has increased education spend considerably which will mean higher salaries for the poor teachers.

He has increased the spend on crime prevention and justice, which is very welcome, though I feel it is not nearly enough.

Unfortunately he hasn't increased the amount you can take out of the country as an investment, etc. which is pathetic as one should be allowed to do with your money, after paying tax on it, whatever you want. It is now however easier to buy shares in an overseas business as the required shareholding has decreased from 50% to 25%.

Minimal tax cuts for the man on the street, but still cuts never the less.

The main problem I have with this budget and those before it is the fact that although Trevor claims that 500 000 jobs are being created a year, not much is being done in real terms to create jobs. Increases in education budget are great, so are subsidies to employers to employing floks in lower paid jobs, but what really needs to be done, and should have been done since 1994 is use the majority of the budget to create jobs. Any jobs will do for now. If they had done that, or even if they now start to do that significantly, then SA will soon become the Rainbow Nation that it was supposed to be.

If the population is working, they are not out stealing and murdering those that are working. They are paying more tax, which brings in more money to spend on education, housing, and more job creation. The snowball effect is so obvious that I sometimes think that they refuse to see it?

The theme this year was 'Human life has equal worth, there is no lesser being'. Although I fully agree with that statement and theme, I just wish the rest of the government and the rampaging criminals would also feel the same way.

I also further hope that the money / initiatives will actually reach the man on the street for a change as opposed to dissapearing between the folds of the deep pockets of our corrupt government.

Overall though some good news from SA for a change.