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Here is a breakdown of the member ratings on the site :

Ratings are based on the number of posts you make. Everytime you post you can see your rating under your name. It is shown as gold stars or diamonds as well as the title of your rating.

TitleNumber of PostsNewbie0 to 49Jnr Member50 to 99Full Member100 to 249
Snr Member250 to 499
Hero Member500 to 999
Certified Addict1000 to 1999Resident2000 to 2999Veteran3000 to 3999Guru4000 to 4999Wizard5000 to 5999Supreme Being6000 to 10 000Get a Life10 000+
Admins have red stars () under their name, Moderators have blue () or green () stars under their name.

Admins and Moderators also have a Title based on the number of posts they have made.

I have now been logged in for 9 days, 9 hours and 9 minutes

hahaha... I have looked at that and it sounds rather strange when you think about it... ever get any sleep in those 9 days?  ;D

I'm one hour short of 3 days....  :)

Happy Expat:
I love that timer. Makes me realise just how much time I spend on here ;)

Hence the attached zombie pic  ;)


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