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To ensure that the forum remains a friendly and user friendly place, it is important to follow these guidelines when using the forum :

1) Before starting to post, please take a while to familiarise yourself with the layout of the forum, chances are your question has been answered already.

Under THIS section there is all the Technical help you need to learn how to post pictures, pin the member map, etc.

2) Please read before asking. We gladly help, but it becomes tedious answering the same questions over and over again. The forum has been laid out in such a way that most of the info you require will run from top to bottom following the sequence of your immigration process, ie., you will start your journey at the top of the forum and as you progress, you will "move down" to the next section of information, eg. :
You will start here, then proceed to the Getting started section, then on to the Getting ready to Leave, then Just Arrived in NZ and finally ending up at the Been Here a While section.

Each one of these sections have again been broken down into smaller divisions, eg. :
under the Getting started section you will find Howzit, Stay or Go, Choosing NZ, etc.
by clicking on the division you are interested in you can access all the previous discussions about that topic.

As the immigration process has an overlapping nature, also look a little further "up" and "down" the list to see if there isn't a division that could also contain the info you require, eg., the Getting Your Belongings to NZ division or the Flights to NZ division may have the answer to your question about what customs will allow you to bring into NZ.

3) Please remember that this is a settlement support forum. You may NOT ask questions regarding the immigration application process, or answer them. It is against the law in New Zealand to provide immigration advise without a license and the penalty for doing so is $100 000 and / or 7 years in prison. This law counts whether you are IN New Zealand or not. If you ask or answer immigration application related questions here they will be deleted. If you repeatedly do so, your account will be deleted. If you require advice regarding the application process you can visit the immigration New Zealand website HERE

4) Especially in the beginning, the whole process can seem very overwhelming and you will find that there are suddenly 1000 questions in your head at once. Please don't post these questions all in one post. It defeats the whole object of segregating the forum into "bite sized chunks" of information. We want everybody to find what they are lookng for quickly, so please write your questions down and post them, individually, in the correct place. You are going to get better quality answers this way too.

5) Similarly, if you are reading a thread and a question comes to mind which does not flow naturally with the topic of conversation, write it down and post it where it belongs.

6) Please give your posts a meaningful title, eg., don't call your post "HELP" or "Where to Stay?", rather call your post "What is the best way to get tax clearance" or "Where to Stay in Auckland?". This way you are sure the person that knows the correct answer will read your post.

7) Most, if not all of our members work during the day and are here because they are in process, or are already in NZ and feel the need to "pay it forward" by helping others following after them because they were helped by those before them. It is a tradition that we are very proud of and work hard to maintain. Please don't abuse this support system by demanding answers or help from anybody. They are not entitled to help you, they do it because they want to.

8} When you have been through the process, or are well along the process, please help those that are behind you, just as those before you helped you, it's only fair.

9) Be friendly, if you are having a bad hair day, come back tomorrow. The immigration process is probably the most stressful thing you will ever do in your life and we are all going through the same process so we know how you feel. Please don't take those stresses out on us, you did it to yourself  :)

10) We have thousands of members on the forum and along with that comes thousands of different opinions. If somebody says something you strongly disagree with, first take a step back and think about your reply, if a reply is even required, before posting. Often it is a case of I say potaitoe, you say potahtoe. If you do post a reply, please do so diplomatically. The rule is debate the topic without attacking the person. Personal attacks are deleted immediately. Repeated personal attacks will get you banned.

11) A forum cannot convey what you want to say as effectively as when you say it face to face, that is why there are many "smilies" for you to choose from to help convey the "mood" of your posts. Smilies help avoid somebody reading your post the wrong way.

12) This is a family website, so we don't swear here.

13) We have members of all religions here, so please be considerate of that too.

14) Racist comments are not only against New Zealand and South African law, but it can cause everybody on the site to be denied PR to NZ, and even cause your PR to be revoked.

Here is the relevant directive from the NZIS Operations Manual :

Applicants who will not normally be issued with a residence visa or granted a residence permit, unless granted a character waiver include any person who has been:

j. at any time in a public speech or public comments, or public broadcast, or in publicly distributing or publishing a document:
   i argues that one race or colour is inherently inferior or superior to another race or colour, or
   ii used language intended to encourage hostility or ill will against any person or group of persons on the basis of colour, race or ethnic or national origins of that person or group; or

k. has been, or is, a member of (or adheres or has adhered to) any organisation or group of people which (at the time of the person's membership or adherence) had objectives or principles based on:
   i hostility against people or groups of people on the basis of colour, race, or ethnic or national origins, or
   ii an assumption that persons of a particular race or colour are inherently inferior or superior to other races or colours.

Having PR already does not exempt you from this as you have also claimed on your application that you have made no false statements. So your PR can be revoked on the basis of you having "lied" in your application.

The Moderators have been given strict instructions to delete any posts that even remotely resemble anything that could fall into the above categories.

17) Enjoy the forum, make full use of it, and above all stay safe and get to New Zealand as quickly as you can  O0

guys, just bumping this up to the top again so everybody can re-read pls, especially points 12 and 14

Thank you for the info Nolan

 :clap: Thanks :)

Good morning, I am a new member and still need to figure it out where and how to ask  :D We are in the process of trying to move to New Zealand, but is stuck at moment, I don't have employment yet, although we have applied through agencies with no luck, after you have paid them that is the last you will also hear from them! We have been told just to go to New Zealand to visit and then search for employment while you are there, because the companies want to see you face to face. Can we do that?


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