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Post articles here of the methods criminals use to take what is not theirs so that our members can look out for themselves and their property.

Be aware of the new hi-jacking scheme. Here's  how it works:
You walk across the parking lot, unlock  your car and get inside. 
Then you lock all  your doors, start the engine and shift into REVERSE and  you look into the rearview mirror to back out of  your  parking space when you notice a piece of paper stuck to the  middle of the rear window.
So, you switch off the  car or shift the gears into PARK,  unlock  your  doors and jump out of your car to remove that paper  (or whatever it is) that is obstructing your view...
When you  reach the back of the car that is when the hi-jackers  appear out of no where, jump into your car and take  off!
The door was unlocked, your keys were in the  ignition, maybe the engine was running, (ladies would  have probably left their handbag, with their purse,  cellphone etc; in the car) and they practically mow you down as they speed off in your car.


Should  this happen to you, just drive away and remove the piece  of  paper  that is stuck to your window later....and be thankful  that you read this email.

I hope you forward this  to all your friends and  family...especially  women!  A purse contains all identification, and you certainly  do NOT want  anyone getting your home address. They already have your  keys! 

Tom Odaniell, AA

Happy Expat:
Unreal!!!! :tickedoff:

On the weekend I heard about a couple that were having a braai at home and the womans hand bag was in her bedroom.  The burglars fished the handbag out through the window with a long stick and they found the bag empty at the bottom of the garden.  While this is a mild sort of crime it is still unsettling that they come into your home during normal waking hours and help themselves to your stuff.  The other night our alarm went off at  twelve thirty and we saw our front door open.  My husband thought  I did not lock it properly (but I know that I did) , we were not sure at the time as they did not try get through the security gate but after hearing the story of the hand bag I think they were trying to get our car keys or bags as most people drop these sort of items on the table in the fromt entrance.  I now try to put my bag and keys  away from easy access to avoid this.

Never hang your keys behind the door at night. If you do during the day, when you are at home - ensure you can't reach them from the outside. We take our keys to the bedroom with us at night. Also never put tags on your keys that say "Back Door", "Garage", etc. You know what your keys look like, so you are only making it easier for the burglar to find his way around.


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