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What Salary will I earn?

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The BIG question everybody asks is:  How much do I need to survive?   Will I be able to make it on $xx salary?  So that we don't repeat ourselves to everybody who asks this question, I'm making this topic a Sticky. :)

Happy Expat:
Many people, including myself and I'm sure you guys, have wondered what sort of salary you need here in NZ to survive? Most of us realise it's a matter of lifestyle. It's been the BIG question on many sites and an obviously big deal to us all, but it's like asking how long is a piece of string??

We happy here with what hubby earns, but it's always nicer to have more money. Geez, have you seen how the Brits complain about how they can't live on less then $1000 a week? They need to all go live in SA for a while thinks !

You need to be a bit flexable when you immigrate and realise that your life is going to change a bit more then just your surroundings! It takes time to get into the way you'd like to live!

I love your analogy - "it's like asking how long is a piece of string??"

I think one has to simply take a look at what you will earn in your field and then simply budget accordingly - simplify your lifestyle if needed.  When we moved to the States we knew we'd have to "start at the bottom" for a while.  We bought just the necessary stuff, and rented an apartment/flat.  Of course we didnt have kids then.  But anybody has to adjust at some stage in your life.  Sometimes your income is diminished due to a lay-off.  One simply has to be willing to step down in lifestyle for a while, unless you have loads of cash to do otherwise. 

In my opinion, the adjustment is well worth it.  For most people coming in on the skills shortage list, you'll be earning a good salary.

Happy Expat:
I think it's a small price to pay for a better way of life!! Sacrifaces are something SA's should be used to? ;)

IMHO it's well worth it!! :smitten:

The average salary according to stats is around $30 000/year, for more specific info in your field of work look at the Hays Survey and look on the job sites.

I think the more correct question is not really what will I earn for most folks, it's 'what kind of lifestyle will I have'. This question, unfortunately, nobody will be able to answer. It is up to each person to research what they can earn, then use the info on the site to estimate their expenses like housing, food, etc. by using the links under the Essential Links page and in threads like THIS on the forum.

Then you can get an idea of what you can afford now in SA / vs what you can afford in NZ.


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