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Happy Expat:
I'll try to keep this thread going as and when I remember stuff. :)

Most cars here are automatic.

You put in your own petrol/ diesel at the petrol station.

You have to change your drivers license within the first year of you being here.

You have to do a theory test (like a basic learner exam).  There is a link to it on "fun NZ sites"

Don't waste your money getting an international license unless your travel insurance insists!

....more soon!

Great thread, here is one I can think of :

Your car has to do a road worthy test every six months. It is called a WOF (Warrant of Fitness)

Police and Traffic Officers are one and the same.

Happy Expat:
Yip! and don't say "Robots", it's traffic lights :-[
Oh and while shopping today I remembered that, "Maggi" soup is pronounced, "Madgie" soup :o

car licensing is expensive ( the yearly renewal)
ours came this week
the WOF (warranty of fitness) you can get from $25 to $40 depending where you go

What about car insurance, Chantel/Linda?  How expensive/cheap is that?


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