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How to add a ticker in the signature of your posts


What is a signature?
It is a message that is added below every post you make. This is usually a motivational saying or your ticker.

What is a ticker?
It is a graphical display that counts down to or up from an event, eg., how long you have already been in NZ.
Below is an example :

You can add one to your signature if you want. It will then display below all your posts.

1) Create a ticker at a site like Ticker Factory.
2) Once you have selected all the features of your ticker, they give you different codes to use. Sometimes they ask you what code you want. You are interested in the BBCode

It looks something like this :

--- Code: ---[url=]
--- End code ---

3) Copy and paste this code into an empty Notepad document as we need to modify it a little
4) What we need to do is get everything onto one line and not spread over a few lines, so in Notepad, go and stand at the end of each line and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Your code should now look something like this :

--- Code: ---[url=][img];10722;405/st/20080828/e/Arriving+in+NZ/dt/18/k/bd94/event.png[/img][/url]
--- End code ---

5) Select all this code by placing your cursor at the beginning of the code (to the left of : [url), click and drag down until everything is highlighted.

6) You can now press Ctrl C to copy the code. You will now paste this code into your signature.

7) Go to your profile on the forum by clicking on the button that looks like this at the top of the page :

8) Once in the profile page, click the "Forum Profile Information" link on the left. Then scroll down to the "Signature" section.

9) Click in the white box next to the Signature heading.
10) Right click and select paste, or press Ctrl V to paste your ticker code into the box.
11) Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Change Profile" button

Your ticker should now show in your posts

Ticker and signature guidelines :

1) No adverts or links, only paid advertisers may place an advert or link in their signature
2) Please be considerate when adding a ticker. If you add a ticker that has heaps on animation, etc, it slows down the speed at which the web pages load at. Try and stick to static tickers.
3) We reserve the right to refuse / delete your ticker if we feel it is inapropriate, taking up too much bandwidth, etc.

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Thank you Nolan... bit i am scared of clicking on something wrong on that site and seeing something my sensitve mind wont forget

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