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An interesting question. Our kids all seem to put in a consicous effort to change their accent once here. What about you?

Happy Expat:
I think trying to change your accent would sometimes make you sound a bit silly? I know I've picked up a lot of words and changed how I say some words, but without noticing until somebody says something ;)
Most people pick up straight away that I'm a SAn... ::)

Interesting Nolan!
I didn't notice that my boys made any concious effort to change their accents, Chad was just 4 when we arrived and he now speaks like the people from Dunedin.  Joshua was only 2 and he has a full Kiwi accent!  :clap:
I have picked up on some words and some of the accent, not going all out to make a concious effort though.  I do enjoy the way the say some words... one that gets my goat is "greezey' not 'greasy'   :2funny:

Happy Expat:
Oh Heather, don't get me started on the "greazey" thing again :2funny:

:2funny:  Linda  :2funny:


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