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If you are currently IN NZ and looking for work, then post a brief description of the kind of work you are looking for here so all our members can help keep a lookout for you.

Please let Nolan or Anton know as soon as you find work so we can delete your post.

Please no chatting in this thread, let's keep it short and tidy so it is quick and easy for everybody to scan. Chats go in THIS topic.

Anton - Area/Operation Manager (Cleaning/Security and Correction) - 20 yrs Management experience with loads of qualifications (national and general certificates only).

Oriana - Executive Personal Assistant/Secretary/Administrator - 30 yrs experience with a secretarial diploma and International Computer Drivers Licence certificate.

Hute's DH: Marketing and/or Communications :currently in Wellington

Qualifications and experience includes: National Diploma: Marketing, Diploma: Finance, Diploma: Business Management, Adobe Photoshop, ISO, OSH: - Development of marketing plans, communication strategies internal & external, business plans, budget management, advertising, brand development, website management & on-line advertising, directing advertising, database management, qualitative and quantitative market research, business development, relationship building, key accounts, marketing collateral development, corporate gifts, events/functions/sponsorship management, project management (Prince2)

Electrical engineer (university of Pretoria)
System administator: Solaris certified/Linux, (combined 3+ years experience)
Developer: C, java, jsp, perl, python, HTML, xml, PHP, cgi. (combined 10 years experience)
Databases: Oracle 9/10, Sybase 12.5/15, mysql 5+, postgresql 8+ (combined 3+ years experience)

I know we're not there yet, but often employers start putting job specs out there a few months before they officially require them so thought I'd get a head start! We're arriving on 6 August and will be available for interviews as from the 9th August.

Me: Intermediate - Senior IT/Technical Business Analyst (4.5 years experience)
Looking for a position preferably in the investment/banking/financial industry as that it where my experience lies, but am very adaptable and open to other industries. My BA Experience covers many areas including end to end ownership of tasks in various large projects (full SDLC Agile and Waterfall methodology): scoping and documenting requirement specifications (including creation of test packs), QA, UAT support, post implementation support and training among others. Have previous experience as a developer so am very comfortable in a technical environment. Am currently in a team lead position so also have 1.5years in a management position. Happy to take contract or permanent positions.

Neil (DH): Qualified Secondary school teacher (English), however has experience in Primary schools and in remedial support. He has his Masters in Music Therapy and runs a private practice for individuals as well as doing group music therapy in special needs schools. Looking for a position preferably in a primary school or alternatively an academic support position, like he currently does.

We're looking for positions preferably in the Wellington or Christchurch regions, but we'll go where the jobs are!


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