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Not there yet but putting out some feelers.
Willing to relocate on my own costs.

Oracle OCP developer with Ten years of Experience.
Writing forms, reports packages, procedures, triggers, Html interfaces and more.
Been part of a major conversion from 6i to 10g on the financial software called Compass.

•   Oracle System Analyst
•   OCP acquired in 2005 April
•   Database knowledge of  Oracle 8i,9i and 10g
•   10 years SQL
•   10 years PLSQL
•   10 years Forms 10g and earlier versions
•   10 years Reports 10g and earlier versions
•       6 Months of OWB (Oracle Warehouse Builder)
•   5 years Query Builder
•   5 years Procedure Builder
•   5 years Oracle Graphics
•   Tools used for developing 10 years Toad  Professional Edition and earlier versions, Tora, HTML , Visio
•    I have basic knowledge of JAVA developing
•   Basic Database Administration knowledge
•   Attended courses at Oracle University, Reports, Java, 10g Forms and Reports, 10g Optimization, J2EE

Working in Financial Industry with Retirement Annuities and investments for the past 10 years.

Foundation Phase (Grade R, 1,2,3) teacher. Teachers Diploma, B.Ed Hons, M.Ed.
I have PR. NZQA and NZTC applications completed. Registered Primary School teacher.
Extensive experience in special needs education.
Anywhere on North Island.


Not in NZ yet but submitted EOI dont wanna go cowboy style getting job offer can help alot
Qualified Meat technician/Butcher/HMR/Chef been in the trade for 9 years worked for golden cleever award winning butchery in Edleen Kempton park(Best butchery in SA award) Currently manager at Spar for same owners managing hmr butchery bakery and groceries got Meat Tech course deploma from Freddy Hirsch SA used to early starts and long hours

My wife is a qualfied bookkeeper with 5years exp with a  deploma from damelin college for bookkeeping,admin and payroll currently working for advantage air SA for 3 years now
Maybe any1 of u know some1 from sa that opened a SA butchery/supermarket in NZ that needs my skills i can make a very good boerewors lol

12 years banking, 4 years office administration or 2 years bookkeeping experience

Hi all

Intending to do a LSD later this year with my wife as we don't want to do the "cowboy" thing. We're just too cautious about landing in hot water with no job.

In the meantime, here are my "specs":

Currently employed as a Security, Health and Safety Officer


Security grades A, B, C, D, E (gained though Fidelity Security training)

Health and Safety - SAMTRAC (done through NOSA), SHEQ Integrated Auditor (done through AdvantageAct), ISO 9001 Senior Lead Auditor (SQMI training), 14001 Internal Auditor (KPMG) 

Employee Relations - Arbitration Skills (UCT Graduate School of Business),
Collaboration and Facilitation Skills (done through the Project Management Institute)

Any leads/advice that anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards


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