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Hi Guys

My wife and I were in NZ Christchurch last year.  Now we would like to return forever.  I have been in the retail industry, Senior Manager Spar and I previously worked for Eskom.  If anybody is able to assist me in finding work I would be so grateful.  I am willing to do anything, any opportunity you can offer me would be graciously accepted. I
I will be the best hammerhand / laborer  / Skivvy you have ever seen. I also have Commercial and Charter boat experience - 10 years. anything to do with fishing is my passion.

Please let me know if you can help.

Warren and Family

Hi everyone. I know this part of the forum is reasonably quite, but I am posting for completeness sake.

I am a qualified professional accountant and has worked for the past two year in a cost- and management accounting role. I have general and financial management experience and have worked with intricate accounting systems and stock control.

I am 34 years old and would like to move with my young family to New Zealand.


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