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Software developer - 9 years experience in c++/c . Did application developement, back-end service development, database development, web development(PHP), database administration. 
Development: c++/c, vb6, PHP, HTML, AJAX, Javascript, XML
Databases: MS-SQL server, Interbase, access, mysql
Last job title was System Analyst. http://www.linkedin.com/in/christoswanepoel

 Web Analyst Developer for Nedbank,BOE stockmarket, tasks:
•   Analysis of business requirements.
•   Architecture of technical solutions to business requirements.
•   Coding and testing of technical solutions.
•   Incident resolution [Coding and deployment].
•   Business reports.
•   VB.Net / Asp.net Coding.
•   SQL Query writing.
My main task is the development of the Online trading website / systems for BoE / Nedbank Online share trading

Accountant/Bookkeeper for Large Export Company which include, the transport side with a fleet of 185 trucks,
Manufacturing of plastic bottles used for dasani water "coca cola"  & Buying offices.
Controlling buyers,Creditors, Debtors, Payroll, Returns, TB, Reconciliations, Payments

Damon Tours looking for position in banking - willing to work anywhere in NZ, currenlty based in Palmerston North.  20 Years banking experience, listed below starting at most recent position;-
Branch Support Manager
Regional Sales & Service Coach
EnAct Facilitator
Retail Banking Manager/Sales
Business Development Consultant / Relationship Manager
Teller Controller

Devolper/Network enigeneer
Developer: C,VB,Delphi,Sql

Thanks in NZ already, need to get Job ASAP

IT guy: IT support/helpdesk/pc technician/lan,wan network support/call centre,customer service/telecommunications jobs. 29 yrs old with 10 years experience. Currently in Auckland, willing to work anywhere in NZ. In need of offer of employment for work permit application.


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