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Author Topic: Can we live on this?  (Read 5502 times)

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Re: Can we live on this?
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Just some of my own experiences... I have a family and we're 4. Living off +- $1000 a week.We MANAGE!!! Yes its a step back from SA BUT its a few steps forward from SA Life.I lived in Auckland for 6 months and things are def more expensive there.We waiting for residency then looking for better paying jobs,but we're happy! You can look at a decent 3 bed house in a nice area for +- $380 per week, a fam of 5 will use abt $200-$250 in groceries and petrol is covered by ur man's salary.Schooling aint a problem either.I reckon you can survive on it...its what you make of it! just my 2c

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Re: Can we live on this?
« Reply #46 on: November 06, 2009, 12:29:43 am »
10 years ago $50000 pa wasn't enough for our family of 5 in Auckland. If you don't have to pay a mortgage or rent, then yes, you could survive off that.

Since then everything went up. From my experience the following:
Power and property rates doubled in 10 years.
Groceries up by around 50% (ok, the kids are older now so they do eat a lot more)
Meat also up 50% unless you only buy specials.
Petrol is double, so too car licensing and WOF.
The local high school introduced expensive uniforms (Saffer infuence?), around $500 to kit a child out with the very basics.

On the plus side more durable appliances and furniture became cheaper by almost half, but most still a lot more expensive than in SA.

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Re: Can we live on this?
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