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I think it is overdue that we start to keep up to date and chat about current affairs in NZ, so I have created this new section. Feel free to post articles about current issues in NZ that you feel are important. It will help us all, whether we are already in NZ or not, to understand the good and the bad about everyday issues facing NZ'ers. It will also help us to blend in when we arrive as we will be able to immediately chat to the locals about local issues.

I urgue everybody to listen to NewsTalk ZB everyday as well. It is a 702 type talk station where the issues of the day are dabated, very good for getting yourself up to speed with current news as well as getting used to the accents.

Happy Expat:
I'll do my best to link any of the lastest stuff I hear about O0

We also frequent  for local news there...

Happy Expat:
We also check this site regularly (mostly for TV guide ;)). I think Nolan has already added it to this site?

Good Idea Nolan.  I do try and read the NZ herald and Waikato Times daily.


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