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Guys, I hate to do this but I have deleted some posts which could be seen as immigration advice. The IAA is giving folks running websites lots of uphill and I don't want anything to happen to the site that would cause it to be shut down.

One lady has already been warned about chatting about her own immigration process on her blog HERE
and the Move2NZ guys have had an official warning / complaint issued against them with has forced them to close down their invaluable Migrant Support Centre in Christchurch as well as cancel their information seminars to the UK (which has always been run with NZIS doing the immigration talk and them doing the settlement talk). The fate of their website still hangs in the balance at this stage. HERE

Feel free to post your progress but please don't ask or answer any questions regarding your application process.

got it!  :)


Ja Baas   ;D ;D  Sorry Baas.  8) 8)

Guys, I have been deleting too many posts again lately that are asking or giving immigration advice. Every time somebody posts immigration advice they put the whole site at risk of being closed down and myself being prosecuted, which in turn jeopardises my own PR status when I have to apply for an IRRV or citizenship and there is no way in hell I am gonna let anybody do that.

I don't want to or have the energy to start the new year off with a fight, so I have decided to implement a warning system, two strikes and your out.

If you are unsure of whether the answer you are about to add or the question you are about to ask is immigration advice, then rather run it past me first via PM.

A general guideline you can use is : am I asking or answering a question that has anything to do with the blue stickers in my passport? If the answer is yes, then please don't ask or answer the question because it is illegal for you to do so in NZ.


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