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I'm interested to know how easy it is to get around, preferably in Auckland, on public transport. I don't want to have to buy a car for the first 6 months if possible, what are your thoughts ?

What is the public transport like in NZ?

In SA you're pretty much screwed if you don't have a car.

GREAT bus service, guys.... when I visited my sister in North Shore in 2003, we walked up the hill (about 5 min) to the bus stop, and it took us into town..  or we could take it to the launch and catch a ferry ride over to downtown Auckland.  I forget if they had the same as here in the States, where the bus has a bike rack on front, so you could cycle to the busstop, load the bike on the front, then unload it when you get to your destination, and cycle further (if your work is a little way from the busstop.

Bus rides are 50c to $7.50

Here's some more info: Backpackers guide to public transport in Auckland
Stagecoach is the main bus operator.

Maxx Regional Transport - new cpy to organise bus, train and ferry transport.

Cool thanks for the links, I'll check them out.  8)

That is of course in Auckland itself...  I cannot vouch for the other cities...  but a search on Google should help I think...

Here's links for Wellington:
Metlink - Greater Wellington's Public Transport Network
Stagecoach Wellington
Bugpacific seems to have a lot of info on all cities too


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