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Airport Customs In New Zealand
« on: June 24, 2013, 12:56:07 am »

New Zealand is a small country of only 4.4 million people which demands protection from biological threats as well as human threats. If they did not have border control, New Zealand would be swamped by people from every which way in a matter of months. There is a very strict regime of who can come here as a tourist and who can come here to work and live.
To work in New Zealand you need a Work Visa, to visit New Zealand you need a Visitor Visa and to live in New Zealand indefinitely you need Permanent Residence. All seems very simple until you want to come to New Zealand on a Visitor’s Visa to look for work. You are breaking the law and the customs office can put you back on a plane straight back to where you have just come from.

People from most western countries and now also the Euro zones are visa-free visitors but the document you fill in when coming to New Zealand on the plane has two purposes:
1) for you to declare any food and plant products and
2) asking you if you are a genuine visitor to New Zealand. This gives you an automatic three month visit.

If you are coming to New Zealand for a ‘look see’ which means to see if the country suits your lifestyle you cannot say you are coming to New Zealand to work!

The customs officer will immediately think you are coming to work illegally and will restrict your visit for the duration of your holiday or send you back to your home country immediately. Yes, very harsh but you need to understand the custom officers’ dilemma.

How does he know you’re going to be doing what you say you’re going to be doing? How does he know you’re trustworthy, or that you’re going to have a holiday in his beautiful country, or that you’re going to see if it would be a place where you would be wanting to settle or if you’re looking to see if there are positions for which you are qualified for? How does he know you will then go back to your own country once you’ve enjoyed your ‘look see’?

If you are coming to New Zealand to ‘look see’ then say so! Do not say you are coming to work or you intend working in New Zealand before you have a Work Visa. The custom officers have a job to do and they do it extremely well.