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As there are a lot of new guys exploring their options at the moment, I think it's time to give all those considering the Cowboy route a reminder.

Before you decide to pack up your whole life to come over to NZ to find that crucial job, first stop to consider :

What if we come here and don't find work and have to leave again, will we be able to :

1) Have enough money left to survive for another year or two in SA without work, because finding work in SA again is gonna be just as tough.
2) What will we do to restart our lives back in SA again. Where will we stay, what will we do for transport, where will the kids go to school, etc.

It has been said a million times before, but let's say it again :

Coming to NZ cowboy style, ie., selling everything and coming over on holiday to find work so you will have enough points to officially emigrate,
and you RUN THE RISK OF LOSING EVERYTHING if things don't work out.

Two years ago when the world economy was booming it was a very viable option, with guys getting jobs sometimes within days of landing.


Some folks have been here for months and found nothing, not even an interview!!!
Plan and think very carefully before you go this route.

I would suggest only considering this route if :

1) You have enough money to support the whole family here for 12 months, plus another 24 months back in SA. This gives you enough time to rebuild your life back in SA if things do go pear shaped.

2) You already have keen interest in your CV and possibly a few interviews arranged from SA. Things don't generally happen as quick as we want them when emigrating, the same goes for jobs. The employer needs time to see all the applicants, weed out the chancers, re-interview the good ones, sometimes even a third round of interviews take place, then decide who to employ. This doesn't happen in a week, it can take more than a month or even two. You would need to be here during that time. A two week trip to NZ is NOT going to secure you a job, a three month or more trip may.

3) You know that the job will qualify you PR, for that info visit the immigration NZ website. Not just any job counts for immigration purposes, some jobs are more equal than others. Otherwise you may come here, find work and find that it doesn't even qualify you for a WP.

4) You have the guts to go out and knock on employers doors face to face. You can't come here and look for jobs on the Internet, you could have done that in SA. You will have to get up off your butt and go LOOKING for work door to door. If you can't do that, then don't bother coming because you are wasting your time and money.

5) You may not find work in the town you want, you will have to be prepared to look for work and work anywhere in the beginning.

6) You realise that NZ doesn't owe you anything and you are not special enough to get preferential treatment or handed a job. Kiwis don't understand the dire situation in SA and to be honest, they probably don't really give a damn because it doesn't affect them and they quite simply can't comprehend that people can do the things they do in SA. You will need to eat humble pie and climb in the queue just like everybody else.

7) Realise that if things don't work out, it is not NZ's fault, but yours. There ARE jobs, not as many as before, but the employers are still employing, so you can find work if you look hard enough.

Forewarned is forearmed  O0


I would love to know what prompted this thread:D  Something happen to someone you know , recently?



I have not spoken to Nolan about this post but if you think about it, it is a very practical bit of advice.
Yes, we have a very good example of it in our own family.

The world situation is NOT the same as it was a few years back. The economy went for a loop and it will still be some time time before it will be back to "normal" again. It is under these circumstances that anyone contemplating coming over to NZ, or any other country for that matter, to do very careful homework. Remember that anything that happens to you, or has happened to you, good or bad, has been as a result of a series of decisions that YOU have taken. All Nolan is doing is to not get anyone on this forum to take hasty decisions that will have a devastating effect(s) on their life.

Any hasty decision made that will perhaps result in you having to return to SA against your will  can result in a lifelong regret.

I certainly hope your decision(s) will be a wise one.
Please, don't burn your bridges before you have crossed over.

I suppose that if you have the means for sustaining yourself for a good period of time then the above advice will not apply to you. :gl: Take it from one who knows.


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