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Author Topic: Hier Kom die Bokke !!  (Read 3812 times)

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Re: Hier Kom die Bokke !!
« Reply #30 on: July 30, 2010, 11:55:28 am »
Excellent idea Kiwiwannabe!  :clap: :clap: I am going to send that to ALL the nasty ones!

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Re: Hier Kom die Bokke !!
« Reply #31 on: August 03, 2010, 12:40:51 pm »
To be quite honest, I never supported the Boks. There were just certain negative assoications for me. So in ZA I simply did not follow it, even though I had nothing against rugby itself, and follow it passionately now that I'm here.

But my philosophy (and it's my personal philosophy - I'm not pushing it on anyone) is that NZ has embraced me and given me a home and opportunities. I simply cannot imagine myself then shouting against the very country that has opened its arms to me, especially when the country I shout for is one that took from me more than it ever gave, and which denied me the very opportunities now being granted.

It's a philosophy that has extended to all aspects of my life here. I don't forget where I came from, but I cannot stand with a foot in each country, half of me in ZA and half in NZ. If I do that, I feel I am likely to miss out on the full experience of what it means to truly integrate and experience all that this country has to offer. So I don't get involved with the old country cliques; I barbecue, not braai; I don't go looking for Mrs Ball's or Castle. I've made a clean break emotionally and psychologically, and I feel I am better off for it.

I'm not saying my way is better - it's just better for me. We all have to find our own way, one that works for us.

But to get back to the main thread, I have often been referred to as a traitor, and have been the subject of vitriolic verbal attacks from some people in the old country because I don't support the green and gold. And I get the old "chicken run" slur too. But that's OK. I know the truth - eagles fly, chickens stay in the coop.
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Re: Hier Kom die Bokke !!
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Re: Hier Kom die Bokke !!
« Reply #32 on: August 03, 2010, 07:05:31 pm »
I have always called it the Owl Run !!! 

We actually supported the AB for years and years while living in SA.  We were living in Asia, were completely out of touch of who was who in the team , etc, had no contact with SA papers, no internet in those days.  But we did have lots of Kiwis around us, and it was a lot of fun.  When we got back to SA, we had to be closet AB supporters.  My dad would get angry with us.  But we slowly got to know the SB team again, to rejoice with them and cry with them.  We were surrounded by them in the media.  But we still held the AB in our hearts.

Now we are here.  So far from SA.  And once again, we are far from the media.  The AB are all around us and we love supporting them.  When we are with a group of SAfricans who still avidly support the SB, we will wear our green and gold T-shirts and scream loudly, and be happy whoever wins.  But when it is the SB against someone other than the AB, we wear our T-shirts with pride and scream louder.  Still need to get AB Shirts. 

I don't think we are playing the game by supporting both teams.  I am very comfortable with this.

As long as I am not a Wallaby supporter, I think I can sleep well at night.