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If you are missing your favourite dish from SA and are trying to recreate it so it tastes the same, start a topic with your best recipe so the rest of us that are on the same mission can put our heads together to help perfect it.
eg. KFC fried chicken, Wimpy's famous relish or Spur's secret sauce.

We will then paste the best ones in this topic

Amongst all my many talents, am I supposed to cook too?  Nobody told me  :confused:

theres no KFC in NZ???!!!!!??????!!!

there is KFC in nz

There is like jafa77 said KFC in NZ, but like all KFC's over the world, I suspect...  ::) , they are oily and not all together nice anymore. Not the same as what it was a couple of years ago. To me, somewhere along the line they changed their way of making KFC. That's just the way I see it. Cheers, SAKB


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