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How to add a link in your posts


To add a link to a website :

1) Type the word you want to link, eg : HERE
2) Double click the word to highlight it like this HERE
3) Click the button that looks like the world
4) You will now see 'tags' on either side of the word like this :
--- Code: ---[url]HERE[/url]
--- End code ---
5) Click between the l and ] of url (the one before your word, eg url]HERE)
6) Type =
7) It will now look like this :
--- Code: ---[url=]HERE[/url]
--- End code ---
8) type or paste your website address after the =, eg.
--- Code: ---[url=]HERE[/url]
--- End code ---

9) When you post your message the link will then look like this : HERE

 Cool thanks Nolan  :clap:


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