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How to add pictures into your posts

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There are two ways of adding a picture into your post.

The first and quickest way, but not the best way is to click the Additional Options text when you are posting a message. You will find the Additional Options link under the white block you type your message into.

More options open up under the box you are typing your message into. One of those options are Attach. You would then click the Browse button.
A new window will open where you can go to the folder and file you want to add, select it and click the Open button.

With this method, your file size must be small (less than 128kb) and the picture doesn't automatically open along with the message. It appears as a link at the end of your message, so everybody needs to click on it to view the picture. I have added a picture to this post, so you will see the link at the bottom of my post.

The better way is to get yourself a free account at one of the websites that allow you to create yourself a "gallery" of your ***, eg You then upload your photo to there and link directly to it in your post at the place where you want it to show using the Insert Image button ()

When you click on the Insert Image button it adds two img tags with box brackets around them. You then copy and paste the weblink in between these two tags.

You image will then open, and show exactly where you have inserted the image,
like this banner I have added.

Just remember that for the picture to fit into the width of the forum, it must be around 500 pixels wide or less. You can adjust the width of your picture by using a free program like Irfanview

How do we put an avatar in??

Pic must be no more than 60x60 pixels.  You can upload it from your pc.  You need to edit your Profile, at the top of this page.   Then click on Forum Profile Information.   You will see there are different options for uploading... you can choose "I will upload my own picture" and then click on the browse option, and find it on your pc. 


I added a picture on previous post from E snips. When I add it it shows on the forum on my computer. When I log on and off or someone else tries to view then nothing.


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