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Keeping Your Info Up To Date


Always remember to keep your info in your profile up to date, especially your email address. Even though you have set it so that nobody can see it, you could lose your password and if your email address is not up to date, the forum is going to send your password reminder to your old email address.

Especially when you are finally in NZ, you will have a new email address that needs to be updated here too.

We may also at some point start a monthly news letter, or email members about meetups, etc., and you wouldn't want to miss out.

Hi Nolan
Please help
I had a massive pc crash and lost all my settings and my e mail. I have now set up a new e mail and reregistered under a new name with new password. How do I get my old stuff back for the forum!
Dalene ( Dance)

I have sorted you Dance, sorry about the crash


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