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I know I started waffling about money and budgets somewhere else but can't remember where so I'll just start a new topic  :whistle:  Feel free to move it if it fits under an existing one, please...

Got this from a darling South African who has been here for a while.  They bought before the boom and have paid quite a bit into their loan, so their repayment is less than what the rest of us would be paying. 

Mortgage  1200
Food          800
Telephone 80
Gas & electricity 240
Insurance 135
Rates & taxes 142
Medical 50
Petrol 70
Teenager pocket money 40
Mobile phone 20
extras 200
bank fees 60

Total 3037

Just a couple of notes:
Groceries include toiletries and cleaning products
Telephone rental is $55 pm for the line, so actual calls are not a lot.  Local calls are free so you only pay for national and international. 
Gas & electricity lower in summer but higher in winter.  They budget set amount and put it away every month even if they don't use it, so that they have extra in winter when bills are high
$50 for medical = 1 consult.  Again, they may not need it but they put it away in case they need it later on
Fuel = $70 to fill up one Mazda (so it's one tank of petrol) - enough to drive around town.  Might need more if you have 2 cars or are in a bigger town where distances are more
Mobile costs are high - prepaid is about $1 a minute.  SMS = 20c ea.
Extras include everything else.  She is quite adamant that you need to budget for extras, especially in the first couple of months.  They had something crop up every month for a good while.  That also includes clothes, treats, take-out and anything that you buy for the house. 

There is an annual fee to the regional council (less than $300) and her school fees for a high school student came to $570 (you pay an extra fee per subject, apparently, in the higher grades).  I will only pay $130 but I have to fork out $220 pm for aftercare... :(

Thanks Marlize, that's very close to the budget I worked out, give or take a few things on there.

Good 2 know !  O0

Thanks Marilize it really helps to have these costs in mind.  O0

Thanks Marlize, that does help a heck of a lot.  O0

Maybe we can slowly expand this thread as we all go along.

If you are in NZ, or once you are in NZ, and don't mind sharing your budget, please add it here. If you don't want anybody to know who's budget it is, that is just fine. Simply send it to me via PM then I will post it here anonymously. We don't need to know who's budget it is, but it does help tremendously to see 'actual' budgets as opposed to 'estimated' budgets.  :)

Also try and include as much info as possible like roughly where you are staying, how many members in the family, how many cars you pay petrol for, how many cars, etc you are paying off and their purchase price, are you renting or paying off a mortgage, how much the mortgage is, etc. as costs vary from area to area. It will also help everybody draw parallels with their own possible situations.

Obviously only include as much info as you feel comfortable sharing.  ::)

Thanks Marilize, you're an  :angel:


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