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Author Topic: Free Oil Painting Art Course  (Read 992 times)

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Free Oil Painting Art Course
« on: August 04, 2011, 08:21:37 am »
Watch part 1 here - Paint Basket TV

Part 2 of our FREE oil painting course will be next week.

Your tutor for todays show will be Nolan Clark

Today we will look at :
1) How to compose your pictures so that you can focus the viewers attention on your painting. Nolan will show you the secrets used by the top professionals to capture and retain the viewers attention in your paintings.

2) Then we will learn what equipment you need when starting out in oil painting. Nolan will not only explain what to buy, but also what to look out for when buying and what NOT to buy.

There will also be a QnA session where you will be able to ask Nolan your questions.

Local times:
New Zealand : 10 August 2011 8am - 10am
Australia : 10 August 2011 7am - 9am
London : 9 August 2011 9pm - 11pm
South Africa : 9 August 2011 11pm - 1am
New York : 9 August 2011 3pm - 5pm
Pacific Standard Time : 9 August 2011 1pm - 3pm
Mountain Standard Time : 9 August 2011 2pm - 4pm
Eastern Standard Time : 9 August 2011 3pm - 5pm


For more info watch the latest episode of Paint Basket TV