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Author Topic: Devonport NZ.....and other bits of heaven!  (Read 822 times)

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Devonport NZ.....and other bits of heaven!
« on: August 12, 2011, 09:15:30 pm »
Just found out that a SA family I met  here, is moving to Devonport (for work) I did a google - and wow, what a stunning little suburb on the North Shore, a real little harbourside village! Just too stunning for words. This beautiful Country is just FULL of surprises! O0 Now, if she had never mentioned it, I would never have heard of it - this is a family who have also spent a long weekend on Stewart Island..... :confused: Once again, had never heard of it, until she mentioned it....another WOW! What a stunning little place for a very quite, peaceful getaway, which apparently it was! She said, population of this little Island, about 400! ;D okay, a little more with the tourists I think.

We live and learn...... ;) So to all coming over to NZ -  get on ya walking boots.....loads to see and do! :D Oh, and maybe play the lotto! lol!

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