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Author Topic: public servants’ wage strike looming.  (Read 1033 times)


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public servants’ wage strike looming.
« on: May 24, 2007, 11:45:54 am »
Not sure if any of you have heard about this big strike that may be looming. Just keep it in mind if you have passports or anything outsanding at home affairs as it could increase your turn around time quiet significantly.


Johannesburg - South Africa's largest labour federation said on Friday a public service pay strike by about one million workers was "unavoidable".

"All unions are now in the process of mobilising our membership at all levels and consulting them on taking strike action," the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) said in a statement.

"The biggest public service strike in a decade seems to be unavoidable. Close to a million workers will be taking to the streets to express their disgust at an offer of an "increase" that in reality is no increase at all."

Cosatu, a member of the ruling tripartite alliance with the African National Congress, said all unions were consulting on strike action and a possible date.

Such a huge strike could hit industry and efforts to boost economic growth in Africa's biggest economy.

The powerful federation has been critical of President Thabo Mbeki's market-oriented policies, which have won South Africa plaudits from international economists but done little so far to reduce poverty and unemployment.