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Author Topic: We should never forget ......  (Read 1331 times)

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We should never forget ......
« on: April 13, 2012, 05:12:49 am »
Hi everybody

I have read the most disturbing story yesterday .. and I think this story is still going to make me change a lot of things in my life ... for the better.  I read about this  'popular young woman' in Australia who's dead body lied undetected in her apartment for over three years, while nobody even missed her.  Not one of her family members or 'wide' group of friends ever noticed she was gone.  I think it has become really necessary in today's hustle and bustle busy life to make an active effort in staying in touch with tho people in our lives.  It has become too easy to just move on and leave our 'ties' behind, putting up our walls, and becoming too obsessed with our own lives and hopes and dreams.  Like they say in New Zealand ... "What is the most important thing ... its the people ... its the people ... its the people".   :hug:   :1hug:   :smitten: