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Christchurch rebuilt
« on: July 17, 2013, 02:04:14 am »
Good Day and  :welcome:

With the Christchurch rebuild there are more and more jobs coming on stream. 10 Electricians are urgently required, along with Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers and all the trades. There are jobs in Auckland as well and as long as you are qualified at your skill level there are positions for you.

North Shore Immigration Services has helped thousands of immigrants with their Work Visas and Permanent Residence. A professional service with dedicated advisers are here in New Zealand to help you, which is exactly where you need them. It is difficult to sign up with an agency based in South Africa because when you have problems in New Zealand there is no one on hand to help you. It is always best to use a licensed immigration adviser in NZ. We are very pro-active with the South African Community and arrange all sorts of functions like the First Friday Social function, every first Friday of the month at the Browns Bay Bowling Club, the New Arrivals meeting on the last Tuesday of every month, NZSABC, The South African Magazine and now our new partnership, this website.

We are working with employers as well as immigrant friendly recruitment agents. So give us a try. We are a One-stop Shop and can help you with most things you need when arriving in a new country - from rental properties, insurance, hiring or buying motor cars, buying a property or buying a business, etc.

There's tons of information regarding New Zealand on this website, including the forum where you can chat to others in your situation. So whether you're still in SA or already in NZ this is the place to be.

Contact Peter at

For those of you in New Zealand, see you at our next function which is the New Arrivals meeting hosted at 100 Bush Road, Albany on Tuesday, 27 August. Call Vicki on 09 915 0100 for catering purposes.

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