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Any shop like Mr Price Home?


Hi everyone,

I'm stuck working out replacement values for things here for shipping purposes  :death: and from what I've seen online there doesn't seem to be a great decor market like in SA. I'm talking about the vases and ornaments and stuff you would get at Mr Price Home  :smitten:. The closest I've seen is some of the "Home collections" at the Warehouse.

So for those of you that live in NZ, is there something like Mr Price Home?

SA3001: and they're always having 60% off sales.  They do bedding, all kitchenware, bathrooms, laundry, ornaments etc.  Also but more pricey.  For furniture try Big Save, Harvey Norman, Target Furniture.  We didn't bring any kitchenware except appliances, replaced everything here from Briscoes.  We brought only major items that were still fairly new like our beds, fridge etc.  Just be careful because the bedding sizes here are different, so if you bring your beds you will need to buy some duvet covers and sheets in SA for future use here.  We like the minimalist look so are not big on lots of ornaments and nicknacks.

Chan in Wellington: second home!

Hiya  ;D

And the Op Shops are just toooooooooooooooooooo amazing. You will love finding previously loved treasures for your home in the hundreds of Op Shops around the country. These are second hand shops run by The Salvation Army, Hospice and St.Vincent Church.  :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

Bed Bath & Beyond also have some good pieces and Freedom Furniture has become my favourite store  :yippee:


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