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Where to get a watch online?


Hey everybody

I recently moved to NZ and was wondering if people can recommend reliable websites for online shopping? In particular I need a new watch and it's much more convenient for me to buy online but just wondering if anyone has any sites they would recommend or any they wouldn't recommend. I really appreciate your help in advance.

dont know about watch sites, sorry, but if you are buying from the USA or UK you may want to consider this

I am in Auckland and have used it many times with great success  8)

Mongrel Mobster:
We have used this company - based in Tauranga.

There prices where very good as well. I got a $700 Citizen for $455. Service and delivery was very good.

Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. I've found an Omega Speedmaster here: that I really like but I don't know anything about the site and have never used it before. Have either of you used it or know anything about it?


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