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By Sergey Gimranov

The Catch 22 problem exists because many companies won’t hire new migrants without the appropriate Work Visa. To get a job offer you need a Work Visa and to get a Work Visa you need a job offer. The old chicken and egg story. Classic but not completely true!

The main and the most important reason for the Catch 22 is the lack of knowledge of both Recruiting Agents and Employers. Perhaps they don’t want to deal with a little extra paperwork? To all Employers, it is perfectly legal for each and every one of you to offer a job to any person on this planet whether he or she is a New Zealander, British, Polish, South African or Afghani. 

It takes about 5 minutes to complete the Employer Supplementary Form which is the compulsory document for lodging a Work Visa application. 5 minutes of your precious time for the opportunity to hire skilled, educated and experienced employees is not a high price to pay for employing the best. On top of that, you get the free verification opportunity which will be done by Immigration NZ. They check your applicant’s credentials, qualifications, work experience, character, health and security risks. Everything regarding the applicant you want to hire is done by the government, free of charge. The best and the most reliable way of screening the applicant right here!

Is there a chance to change the situation? Yes - by educating Employers and Recruiting Agents and giving all potential work seeking migrants some tips: 

•   Mention in your CV that you are eligible to obtain legal rights to work in NZ
•   During the interview advise the Employer that your Work Visa depends on a conditional job offer and
•   The processing of the work visa application will usually take between 2-4 weeks. (The length of processing the Work Visa application is similar to the length of notice that a candidate may need to give to his/her current employer should that candidate be employed at the time the job offer is made).

I have noticed that one of the biggest NZ websites,, put the following statement in their vacancy database, “Only people who are eligible to work in New Zealand or who are certain they can gain eligibility through immigration processes should apply. Evidence will be required.” It seems we are going in the right direction now!

For great advice see a Licensed Immigration Adviser.                           
EXLICENSED IMMIGRATION ADVISER (IAA 200902174) LLB, GradDipCom. North Shore Immigration Ltd, 17 Corinthian Drive, Albany, Auckland, 0630, New Zealand.

Thanks for posting this Sherelee.

Sherelee, you are a star!... O0

I've been doing just that & thought I was being somewhat presumptuous on my coverletters to certain jobs advertised. I think this shows potential employees that they are dealing with someone who demonstrates foresight & an aptitude to understand processes & policies.


It's a pleasure  :smitten:


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