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« on: May 20, 2014, 08:03:24 am »
Hi all,

Been procrastinating for all of two years, various reasons but finally committed to the BIG MOVE. I've consulted with an immigration consultant and after coughing up a small fortune we have plotted our "strategy" I don't have a formal Degree, I have diplomas and international certifications (ITIL, ST;CSI;SO)(CISA)(COBIT)etc but fall short on points as a single parent ITO formal higher education.

The strategy as is - jet in, stay, find a job and then apply for PR. I am fortunate that my skill and qualifications are required.
Blessed actually.

But my nerves are shot none the less.

We're set to enter NZ March 4,2015 and will be staying with friends for a wee bit. What bothers me most is deciding whether I sell up everything this side or schlep it across. And I hope my kids settle in ok.

what a great adventure!