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Author Topic: Qualified Diesel Mechanic looking to immigrate to New Zealand  (Read 1028 times)

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Hi Guys

My name is Killian and I am a South African Durbanite, looking to immigrate to New Zealand asap. I have browsed and applied most of my information on the New Zealand immigration site, however I have received little response. To add to this the website is very informative yet overwhelming, I have carried out the points test for immigration and I score above the threshold requirement, my trade is also recognized on the skills shortage list.

With all this information available I need to channel it and start making headway. So there are a few questions I would like to ask on top of my research:

1) Is it easier to hire an agent to aid the immigration process?
2) If i have a job offer already lined up or a sponsor would that help and speed up process?
3) If i had a strong family friend in New Zealand would that help my application or chances of admittance etc?
4) If my skill/trade is in demand, what sort of time length can I expect to wait?
5) Have any of you fellow immigrants been sponsored to immigrate by an employer?
6) Are there different time frames associated with skilled working permits?
7) Is any one on this site in the same profession as me that could assist?

I know its quite an ask but I would truly appreciate any information that could be supplied. I am also part of the NZ-SA Facebook forum and am seeking advice there as well.

Once again thank you in advance

Kind Regards O0

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Re: Qualified Diesel Mechanic looking to immigrate to New Zealand
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Hi Killian, welcome here!   :welcome:

You say you scored above the points threshold, but for your EOI to be selected, it is best if you have above 140.  They very seldom select from the EOIs that have less than 140 points - I'm not sure if it even happened in the past 2 years.

So yes!  Do try and get job offer!  It will speed up the process tremendously and it should push your points above 140 - if you have less points at the moment.

Unfortunately, you won't get points for having a family friend in NZ.  They might of course help a lot, eg by letting you stay over while you look for work in NZ.

We have had a bad experience with an agent and know plenty of other people who got burnt too, so we are definitely going this on our own.  But other people may fee differently about this.  If your application is quite straight-forward, I'd say there is no need for an agent at all.  You'll be doing the work (getting all the stuff together) yourself anyway.  We've recently submitted our PR application and Immigration NZ made it very clear what was needed.  We didn't once wish we had contacted an agent to help.

All the best to you! 
Feb 2015 - Submit EOI, selected
Mar 2015 - ITA received
May 2015 - NZ Medicals done
Jun 2015 - PR application submitted
Jul 2015 - Received NZQA Assessment result
Oct 2015 - Case officer assigned
16 Dec 2015:  Residence approved!

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Re: Qualified Diesel Mechanic looking to immigrate to New Zealand
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