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Author Topic: Mining engineering + geotechnical engineering degree how do i find a job in NZ?  (Read 667 times)

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Hey Guys

I have a mining engineering degree and a chamber of mines rock engineering (geotechnical engineering) ticket. I want to immigrate to NZ for many reasons however the problem i am experiencing is i cannot get hold of companies in NZ. i search mining engineering jobs etc and all i get are these dodgy websites that redirect you to some agency where u never really get anywhere.

I am 29, no kids, not married, very healthy, i have tons of skills ranging from programming to embedded electronics to mining to geotechnical engineering. Im sure i will get a job if i can just get hold of companies within NZ. I have worked in Canada and had no hickups getting through on a business visa. I had a job offer and was in the process of doing a work visa when the mine i was working at went on extended maintenance and the entire deal fell through. I have done my clearance certificate at the police station, medical tests, vaccinations etc. I am also in the process of selling everything i have so i can start afresh in NZ.

I am even willing to work for a company as a "student" for exposure on a minimum wage just to get into NZ. Does anyone here have advice for me on what i can do?