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Author Topic: mining engineering degree and geotechnical engineering degree cant find job in N  (Read 963 times)

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Hey Guys

I have a mining engineering degree and a chamber of mines rock engineering (geotechnical engineering) ticket. I want to immigrate to NZ for many reasons however the problem i am experiencing is i cannot get hold of companies in NZ. i search mining engineering jobs etc and all i get are these dodgy websites that redirect you to some agency where u never really get anywhere.

I am 29, no kids, not married, very healthy, i have tons of skills ranging from programming to embedded electronics to mining to geotechnical engineering. Im sure i will get a job if i can just get hold of companies within NZ. I have worked in Canada and had no hickups getting through on a business visa. I had a job offer and was in the process of doing a work visa when the mine i was working at went on extended maintenance and the entire deal fell through. I have done my clearance certificate at the police station, medical tests, vaccinations etc. I am also in the process of selling everything i have so i can start afresh in NZ.

I am even willing to work for a company as a "student" for exposure on a minimum wage just to get into NZ. Does anyone here have advice for me on what i can do?

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As far as I know, there is hardly any mining in NZ, so that might be one of the reasons for your difficulties. Australia is FAR bigger in that regard, although the mining sector there is experiencing a downturn because of low commodities prices.

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There's lots of quarries around New Zealand.  Small operations.  I think Aussie is a much better bet for mining.
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There is mining in NZ, mainly coal, gold, and ironsands, but nothing on the scale of Australia.

There are 22 operating coal mines in NZ, of which 19 are producing. In 2014, the country produced just under 4-million tonnes. Most of the activity is in the South Island, with five of the mines being in the North Island. I may be wrong, but I think most of it is opencast mining.

In any case, there are some statistics on mining at

Mining falls under MBIE (the Ministry of Business, Innovation, and Employment), so maybe start poking around its site and see if it leads anywhere useful:

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