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 :)Good Morning everyone. We have decided that we want to emigrate from S.A. to NZ to provide a better life for ourselves and our 2 daughters. My husband at the moment is a Site Foreman/Manager for the plant equipment and machinery. He has also been a Workshop Manager as well as Product Support specialist at Atlas Copco. He is able to repair basically any vehicle, truck or Machine. I have been in short term insurance for years and recently changed my career I am now a teacher's assistant for grade ones, twos and threes. Our two girls are 7 and 16. Have many questio s. We are going to use an immigration  consultant in NZ to assist us. We have been in contact with him what a lovely man and was so helpful really makes you feel comfortable. We absolutely love NZ and have friends there. If there is anyone that knows of vacancies please let me know.Have a lovely Easter.