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Points in experience
« on: May 05, 2016, 08:12:20 pm »
Hey all.

I'm really eager to make the move but need some advice.  Both my wife and I have done a lot of reading and have much.. much more to go through and get to grasps with.

I'm in the IT industry and have been ever since I was a kid.  Virtually everything I know is self taught.  Imagine that in the days before internet...  Before I was in high school even, making cash fixing computers in my local town.  These days I manage IT infrastructures for various SMME's, everything from sales to network security to you name it.  My experience is vast but how do I get it recognized?  I don't have matric math but do have an uncanny ability to spot mathematical patterns and believe that maths isn't too hard.  I was suspected of cheating on an aptitude test at CTi because of this which I was only too glad to prove them wrong when I took a second test while being monitored.  This however doesn't help me though.  Through the company I work and my clients, I can get written references on what I can do but how do I turn that into points?  Do I take the cowboy route and prove what I can do to a potential employer?  Do I stay here and do a bridging course for math then aim for varsity?

Help me please...
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