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Title: EOI - When to do it
Post by: Henrydup on November 16, 2017, 11:00:46 pm
Hallo everyone!
Thank you for the forum. It is extremely helpful! We have hubby's cv in order as needed and LinkedIn profile. He is a qualified chef. We are in the chicken or egg first situation. We are applying for jobs and we do receive interest. Quite a bit actually. He's had 1 Skype interview. But the chicken or egg situation is the struggle. As the want you to have a work visa already. So  he has not been able to go further than initial contact, as we are still in SA and applying for jobs in NZ.
When do we lodge an EOI? Only once we have a job offer, or before that.

Will lodging an EOI improve our job applications, or will it not make a difference at all?