Sep 2006 – EOI Decision 2

Posted on: January 9th, 2013 by admin

On 28 August we decided to send our CO a friendly email to see if any progress had been made :

Good morning

I hope that I am not being too impatient, but was wondering if there was any update to our case after
forwarding the NZQA Pre-assesment on 25 July 2006 re EOI xxxxxx submitted 8 May 2006?

Kind Regards
Nolan Clark
EOI xxxxxxx

We checked our email 50 times that day for a reply…….nothing !!!!!

Then eventually on 13 September, out of the blue we get this email :

Hi Nolan,

I have reassessd your EOI and awarded you additional points. You will receive an invitation to apply in the next couple of weeks.


Amazing how such a short sentence can change everything. We are jumping up and down with joy, we are slumped in the chair with relief, we are definitely not working any further today and will have a lekker celebratory party tonight.

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