New Zealand Maps

On this page you will find many New Zealand Maps. Many of these maps are printable so you can keep them handy when doing your research on housing, etc.

Where is New Zealand

What does New Zealand look like

 Get a general overview of where New Zealand is on the world map This is what New Zealand looks like. Click the links below the map to zoom into the sections of the map

Geographical Regions of New Zealand

The region names you will see below are not provinces like you would see in South Africa, they are simply geographical regions which you will often hear the weather forecasters or locals talking about in general conversation. Think in terms of areas like the Karoo or the Wild Coast in South Africa. They are also not provinces, but simply geographical areas which we spoke about. As far as governmental regions are concerned (like the provinces in South Africa), you can read more about them in this article on Wikipedia : Governmental Regions on New Zealand

Printable Map of North Island

Printable Map of South Island

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Suburb Maps and stats

Auckland Area

Street Maps

Distances between Cities in New Zealand

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